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Primary school

Sapphire class created their own Volcanoes!!

We have been working in groups to create our own volcanoes. 

This week Sapphire class were set a challenge to make their own volcanoes in groups. 

This is how we made them:

First, we had to stick a water bottle on a piece of card. Then we had to create paper rocks to stick around the bottle. After that, we ripped paper up and then used paper mache to stick it around the bottle and paper rocks! We then had to let them dry overnight. 

The next day, once it was dry we got to paint our volcanoes and create a name for them. 

Gioia- Our group volcano is called ' The erupting explosion,' because when we make it erupt it will be a massive explosion. 

Raynie- We called our Volcano, ' Mont drippingon,' because when the lava drips it will go everywhere. 

Oliver- Out Volcano is called ' Volcanicko.' 

As a class we are excited to see our Volcanoes erupt.